A user-friendly, interesting, easy-to-use application technology- That’s what Google promised, and that’s what they delivered. Launched by Google and developed by Android Incorporated, Android technology has taken the world by storm. 

Currently, over 100,000 apps are available in the Android market. Such is the demand for this type of application, that more and more are developed each day. The Android OS is equipped with a graphical programming interface, and multiple software languages, and is continuously upgraded- making it a powerful tool indeed.

Our firm JWV Development is no stranger to the brilliance of Android Development North Dakota and we have devoted our time to being leaders in Android application development. Here are the skills that we are equipped with to make sure that the app developed for you is the best in quality, utility, and function.



The members of our Android Development Agency North Dakota are trained in SQL basics, which helps us build functional Android apps. We keep up with the tools, trends, and technologies that are sweeping the market, to make sure that your app is updated with all the latest information necessary. We also work with many software language frameworks such as XML, Java, Flash, C++, etc. We keep our skills polished like a sharp knife so that your app is seamless, sophisticated, and user-friendly.



The process of Android Development North Dakota has a clearly defined process. The Android platform has a clear life cycle that we should follow for the app we develop to operate at a high quality. You can increase the efficacy of the process by devising clear strategies and goals for your application. We look at what kind of app you want and need it to be, how the app should perform, what kind of functions it needs to have, how the app will be used by the user, etc. Laying out our strategies explicitly helps us to give users a great experience while using the app, and therefore brings benefit to you.



The most crucial undertaking our Android Development Agency North Dakota has is to rigorously test your application. Whether it is large or small, simple or complicated, applications need to be tested thoroughly. Android apps must perform well, otherwise, they will fail to meet the user’s expectations. An app that leaves a bad impression on users is likely to not only get bad reviews but also would discourage existing users from continuing to use the app and new users from downloading the app. Our services will run your app through several rounds of testing, checking for glitches at every step of the way.



As experts in Android Development North Dakota we know that different industries require different scales of application development. While some fields require only simple apps with minimal coding, others might run more complicated software programming. We know how to break down larger chunks of code into smaller pieces. These smaller bits of software are easier to manage, making them easier to code and update. We can help advise you as to what kind of software your app will require based on the area it deals with and its function.

Android development is a building block in the wonderful world of the internet and software. Having a solid application that runs without errors is paramount to giving your user a good experience. Hiring a good Android development agency can help you make sure that your app is at an optimal level of functioning.

If you are looking for an Android development firm, look no further than JWV Development. We have all the knowledge and skills necessary to make sure your app is the best in the business. With us, you’ll have not only a seamless application but also a seamless application development experience!