The Android operating system works primarily on touchscreen mobile devices like tablet computers and smartphones. Android was unveiled in 2007 initially by Android Inc, along with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance, financially backed by Google. 

Android development Minot ND is trendy in technology these days with market shares of about 42%. Unlike their competitors, Blackberry and iOS, Android apps are open source. Their development tools are free, and you do not have to purchase or register on any special hardware or software device. 

Here are the top five tools that the Android development agency Minot NDuses:



Android Software Development Kit or SDK contains API libraries and developer tools required to build, test, and debug Android apps. You can download the ADT Bundle and start developing apps. It contains all the necessary Android SDK components and a version of the Eclipse IDE with in-built Android Developer Tools. Some of the components of the ADT Bundle are:


Developers implement segments of their applications with the help of native programming languages like C and C++. The NDK toolset helps in the same. It is super helpful for Android development Minot ND because it consists of code libraries that you cannot reuse in any coding language.

An important point to understand, not all apps can benefit from NDK. It has benefits as well as drawbacks that the developer needs to manage. The native code may sometimes increase the complexity of the program. Developers should use NDK only when it is essential for the application and not because they prefer to write in C or C++.

Another trending tool that the Android development agency Minot NDuses is Adobe Air. Using this, the developers can execute the same code into the native apps of iPhone, Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook Tablet, and other Android devices. More than 500 million devices on mobile app stores are using this technology. Developers make cross-platform mobile apps using Action Script, CSS AIR, HTML, and many more. It saves time and also minimizes the development cost. 

Titanium Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the community of developers access to an unmatched ability to create quality applications. Developers can build a mobile web or rich hybrid apps that you can run on all platforms using a single code base like JavaScript.

You can achieve an immense user experience through Titanium with over 5000 APIs. It helps you achieve quality in a fraction of the time the traditional native platforms cannot do. It does have some drawbacks like user experience, flexibility issues, and complexity issues. However, it still stands at the number one position for Android and other cross-platform application development. 

Despite the limitations, Titanium is essential for Android development Minot ND. It is up to the developers to utilize the various tools in the kit to give the best user experience. Carefully strategize the tools you can and cannot use in apps. 

Hyper Next Android Creator or HAC is a super easy software creation system. It allows almost anyone, even beginner developers to quickly start the development process of Android applications. A wide range of devices supports the apps developed on HAC. 

The various operations of HAC are dependent on HyperCard, where software treats a stack of cards. Only one card is visible at one time, and thus single-window operation mobiles phones find it quite significant. HAC uses HyperNext programming language, which is similar to English. It makes its implementation easy and user-friendly. 


Final Verdict

The top Android development agency Minot NDuses some other tools, like BatteryTech SDK and PhoneGap, which you should never miss out on. So use these above tools for the android app development.