One of the best web design agencies Fargo ND is JWV Development. Our professional team creates innovative website designs that are fully functional and have great aesthetics.

Web design is a vital factor for the online success of a brand. This is because your website is your brand’s identity. We create web designs that boost your brand. This is the reason why several brands are outsourcing web design services to JWV Development.

Our web design professionals work closely with the clients to understand their needs and create web designs that are aligned with them. We are aware of the latest trends in web designs and create web designs according to the latest trends.

Our professionals create a user interface (UI) based on the specific needs of the audience. The websites we design are easy to navigate and provide a great user experience(UX).

Web Design Services Fargo ND by JWV Development include:

Website Design: JWV Development is a leading web design agency Fargo ND that provides customized, innovative, optimized websites that improve conversion rates and maximize ROI.

Website Redesign: We also redesign your existing website to improve it on various fronts. Our redesign services include optimizing the website for higher ranking on searches; modifying the layout and aesthetics for a better user-experience. Making changes in the content on the website to convey better value to web visitors.

Landing Page Design: Your landing page is the first page that your audience visits. We create highly-engaging landing pages. The landing pages load quickly. The page layout is well-designed and conveys information about your brand. The page is easy to navigate and the CTAs are clearly indicated on the page. The user can easily access other pages of your website from the landing page. Our landing page designs keep the visitors on the site and intrigue them to visit other pages.

Highlights of our Website Design Services Fargo ND:

The Features of our Website Design Services include:

Custom Websites

We provide websites that are customized according to the needs of the audience. We use innovative design elements for your website and create a unique website for your brand. These websites attract and convert web visitors. We offer several options for website designs and capture the design elements you prefer. We customize the website with the colors of your brand. We also create logos for your brand if required.

Optimized Websites

We create websites that follow digital marketing strategies. The websites are optimized with relevant keywords. This increases the visibility of the website and consequently improves the ranking of the website in searches. We follow the best on-page SEO tactics to boost your brand. Each page of your website is well-optimized.


Content on the website is the key factor for engagement. We have a team of proficient copywriters who create customized content according to the design and layout of the website. Our team creates high-quality, SEO-friendly content that engages the audience.

Responsive Websites

We create web designs that work seamlessly across devices. 

Quick loading Speed

The loading speed of a website is a vital factor for the traffic it generates. We create websites that load quickly on different devices.

CMS(Content Management System)

We offer a content management system for your website that helps in creating effective content marketing strategies by streamlining the content.

Augmented Reality(AR)/Virtual Reality(VR) Designs

We provide your audience with real-life experiences simulated by AR and VR designs. These designs provide a great user-experience and engage the users.


We include Artificial Intelligence AI-powered chatbots on your website if required to provide a personalized experience to your web visitors.


We use a mix of visuals to engage your website visitors. We add relevant visuals in the form of videos, pictures, infographics, etc, to attract and engage.

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