In today’s digital era, Android dominates the worldwide smartphone OS market. Android users can choose from over 3.5 million Android apps from Google Play Store. But behind every unique and successful app, there are multiple developers involved. In simple words, they are the creators of these Outstanding applications.

But the development of these apps is not simple as each developer of Android development agencies Bismarck ND, explores ways to develop unique, amazing, user-friendly, and intuitive apps to stand out in the crowd. But the most frustrating thing is that during the entire development process, the developers face countless challenges to make their mobile applications successful.

In this article, we will discuss the challenges most developers encounter with the most reputable Android development agencies Bismarck ND. Therefore, without further delay, let us start reading the below problems.

During mobile app development, the developers face a system incompatibility error while installing the latest version of any application on the Android OS platform. This problem is known as software fragmentation. It happens because Google updates the Android versions and adds multiple new features for enhancement. But the problem is that the adoption rate of the latest version remains slow. Besides, each version is different and has a separate market share. As a result, during Android development Bismarck ND, the developers need to target multiple versions of Android to develop powerful mobile apps. But this is challenging because they have to make the applications in a way so that they suit each Android version. Therefore, this is the first obstacle that mobile app developers face during development.

As you might know, Android is an open-source and free OS. As a result, when performing Android development Bismarck ND, the developers can customize the OS without any restriction. But the problem is that the hardware features of different Android devices differ. For example, some Android devices come with fingerprint sensors, whereas others do not have that feature. This difference between devices is called hardware fragmentation. It is a challenge for developers as they need to enforce various authentications to complement the diverse hardware features of Android devices. Thus, it is another common and challenging trouble mobile app developers face. 

You will come across many developers who use third-party APIs to improve the functionality and interoperability of Android devices. But the problem is that not all APIs available for Android are of high quality and function. As a result, when the developers choose an incompatible API, they face problems as the application cannot work correctly. 

Android is more prone to security attacks than other operating systems. Google offers security patches to fix safety issues. Additionally, hardware manufacturers also do the same. But this creates problems for developers as Google does not address security issues provided by the hardware manufacturers. As a result, the developers need to integrate advanced encryption mechanisms to make the apps and user data secure. Hence, this task is challenging as it needs time, effort, and expertise.

As you might know, Google Play Store comprises a higher number of mobile applications. Besides, Android users prefer to use free apps over paid ones. So, while doing Android development Bismarck ND, the developers should make the app to get a better search engine ranking. But the task is daunting because they need to incorporate multiple strategies to do so.

Final Takeaway

By reading the above problems, you can see that the developers of Android development agencies Bismarck ND, face multiple difficulties. But the team of a renowned agency like JWV Development left no stone unturned to make the apps user-friendly, functional, and unique. So, without their effort, no app can be successful as, after all, no one will download and use a dysfunctional mobile application.