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Why are Android Mobile Applications Trending Nowadays?

In the modern era, android mobile applications are an integral part of everyday life and a booming industry. Google and Apple Inc are two leading companies that develop multiple mobile apps for smartphones. But Google is said to be the most preferable and undisputed leader as it develops applications for Android mobile phones.

These applications not only offer various features but also convert your phone to a smart one. As a result, these are popular among people. Besides this, there are numerous reasons for its popularity. Here we have provided those that will surely help you understand why Android mobile applications are trending nowadays.

  • Open-source Platform

As you might know, Android is an open-source platform. Anyone can develop a design and create it without digging a hole in their pocket. Even if you have to spend some money, the cost is more affordable than you think. This open-source and cost-effective solution makes it trending among people. 

  • Community Support

Android has enormous community support as it has a massive population of Android followers. As a result, if you are stuck developing the apps, you will get their support and resolve your issue without much worry.

  • Versatile SDK

The SDK or Software development Kit for Android apps gets developed by Google. SDK is nothing but a software collection used for producing mobile applications for Android and other operating systems. Google incorporates many tools in it, and as a result, it can store OS, APIs, and middleware. These are the essential aspects that help the developers to begin the development process. 

  • Multiple Features

The developers prefer to build Android applications as their task is easy. But why so and how related to the popularity of Android apps? Well, SDK includes multiple features, like a handset emulator, numerous utility functions, debugging tools, various business functions, and other features. All these features facilitate the developers with a wide range of options. As a result of this, they can provide a better user experience without doing much. Besides, they can control the features better and offer the final output faultlessly.

  • User-friendly Final Output

As Android is open-source, it enables the distribution of the final application with ease. Not only that, but the product is also very user-friendly.

  • Other reasons


  1. Offers hassle-free facility of storing data with the assistance of SQLite to the developers.
  2. Can integrate the Android applications with a video camera, GPS, and touch screen.
  3. The SDK is compatible with Bluetooth and WiFi.
  4. You can develop customized apps for a particular client, a community, or the common mass.

Summing it up

So, after going through the above discussion, we can expect you to understand the importance of the Android mobile application in this digital world. Android is a preferable and most-used operating system for smartphones. Everyone likes to use it as Android offers multiple essential applications without charging any. Besides, the developers can develop the apps without much hindrance. Due to these reasons, Android mobile applications are trending nowadays.