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What’s New About Google’s “About This Result” and How Does It Affects Your Website

Last Year in 2021, Google rolled out the “About This Result” panel on the search engine results page (SERP), which helps users to check their sources of information in this space. They added an update to the feature that will inform their users why their query turned up a particular result.

It is designed primarily to help the target audience find trusted sources and provide relevant information, the latest Google search results update has some good news for brands and businesses who are looking to increase online visibility.

The best part of this update is that it opens up the opportunity for brands and businesses to examine the relevance of signals that went through each result and apply the perception to their SERP ranking strategy.

Matching Keywords

This version of Google information shows the prospective visitors who are looking for the exact match of keywords to appear in their search. If the page has gained a SERP ranking, this means it contains the same keywords which searchers used in their query.

This may sound simple, but keep in mind the question of how frequently Google updates the search results and how it affects your search engine positioning. After each update, you may find your page sliding down the rankings because Google found other page offerings with more relevant information.

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts advise keeping your content fresh for the keywords you are targeting. For example, if an article written about top SEO trends that can boost search engine visibility was published one year ago, we can update it this year to reflect the changes that could have happened since.

Link Building

Apart from offering a domain description and reassuring searchers that you have a secure domain, Google also informs the users if other sites are linking to your page with similar terms as the one they mentioned in their query.

Local SEO

If your business is at multiple locations or specific to one area only, then optimizing for local keywords like the “near me” ones is necessary. Having a local SEO strategy helps you to target the right people as Google will only tag your content relevant to your area.

The more searchers find value in your page which is applicable to their city or state, the more boost the search engine will give visibility to your business.

Get the Result You Need

The goal is to increase online visibility and generate more interest among searchers. To achieve these results that boost your sales and revenue with an SEO agency that has experience and expertise in providing a variety of Google updates.

JWV Development is a full-service digital marketing firm with proven SEO capabilities. We have been helping brands and businesses with the changes that brought dozens of Google algorithm updates. The campaign delivered a good percentage of increase in organic search visibility and boost organic SEO traffic, contributing to the client’s year-by-year hike in the conversion rate.

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