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What are the Guidelines for Designing a Logo for your Business?

What first comes to your mind after hearing the phrase- a business logo? In most cases, the answer will be an aesthetically pleasing design that looks better. The emblem of your company plays a vital role in improving your business. 

It may sound unbelievable, but it is true. So, creating an original business logo is no joke, and you need to follow proper guidelines to make that happen. Here in this article, we share the most effective tricks that will lead you to the best design for your company. 

Guidelines for logo designing for a business

Even though appointing skilled logo designers is a vital step, it is not the ultimate job. Several business owners make this mistake thinking the artist will manage everything, and often they do not even provide the proper instructions to the logo drawer. 

The phenomenon inevitably results in an emblem far different from the whole conception of the business. So, if you do not want that to happen, follow our suggested guidelines. 

  • Select a designer based on skill

Most business owners tend to hire graphic designers who charge the cheapest or do not charge at all. It may sound tempting, but remember skilled or experienced logo designers do not work for such a low price. 

So, free of cost labor can be a red flag you need to comprehend as early as possible. Plus, the mistakes the unskilled designer will make can prevent you from meeting your deadline. So, hire someone who has the ultimate technical knowledge. 

  • Keep the design to the basics.

No, we do not mean to restrict your creativity. We are talking about the colors of your logo. Although giving different shades to the logo and making the symbol more colorful can sound like a fun job, it can cost the business proprietor more money. So, try to design your logo in no more than two different shades. It will be best to opt for a variant that features only one color. 

  • Do not make it large or too tiny.

The size and shape of a logo determine how fruitful it can be for your business. While a gigantic logo can present your company as an amateur, a small one can disappear on a printed copy. 

So, instruct your designer not to make the text or the whole design too thick or so tiny. It would be best to shrink the size of the logo to about 1 inch wide. Then, the symbol can reach its optimal shape. Also, it will be visible on every printable media.

Bottom line

While providing an ultimate guideline, we never mean to restrict your creativity within a few limitations. Our article will only help you to shape your idea perfectly. It will result in the most beneficial logo for your business. So, if you have something different in your mind, do not hesitate to tell the idea to your logo designer. But, remember that the end product needs to feature a single color and does not consume more space.