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Website Design Statistics And Things You Should Know!

The website is the backbone of all your eff in digital marketing. Your search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click(PPC), social media, and email marketing campaigns all are pointing back to your site. The Website’s design and functionality must be equipped with the industry’s best practices and the latest trends as per the customer expectations.

Nowadays businesses are aware of the importance of having a digital presence. A person or business-only access to a limited number of people while being at a physical location, but with a website, you can reach thousands and thousands of people on your online storefront at once, at any time, and from anywhere.

Many factors impact the effect of first impressions, which include structure, texts, colors, fonts, and spacing.

The website should be:

  • Simple – Meaning minimum visual complexity.
  • Representative – that must represent your brand accurately.

The digital industry nowadays is highly competitive. If you cannot make a good first impression and you will lose credibility in seconds.

Web Browsing From Mobile Is the Future

According to Survey by Google 75% of internet users prefer a mobile-friendly website. When you thought about website design predictions, business owners and designers should prioritize mobile browsing compatibility.

Mobile browsing

The Trends keep on changing, and sometimes it becomes quite challenging to keep up. Hiring a website design agency can help you to keep you up to date with the latest industry standards for mobile design. 

Prioritizing Site Speed Optimization 

The chances of bouncing increase to 32% as page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds. Web design statistics show that site speed optimization plays an important role in reducing bounce rates. So, businesses must be aware of how long it takes for the webpage to load.

Monitoring the speed – There are many factors that affect your site load time, We need to monitor it regularly. This will helps you to detect any issues in the early stages, allowing you to make the improvements before.

Compressing the image size – Large image files significantly affect the speed of your site. According to web design statistics, resizing large image sizes from MBs to KBs can result in a 70 percent reduction in the load time needed before users can interact with the website.


Website design trends are changing very frequently, and to stay effective and relevant you need to stay on top of those changes. With countless businesses offering similar products and services, to set yourself apart a website design can be the recognizer and show your brand what is worth investing into.

Hold the website design stats and follow the best practices to make sure your website is attractive and mobile-friendly with optimized speed and offers personalized experiences. Our team of experts will give you the best web design services so that you stay on top of website design trends. Contact us today for the best web design services in the market.