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Web Design for Mobile Devices to make a Website Mobile Friendly – Jwvdev


Web pages are the most important part of a company website as it makes furnishings or the people aware of your products and services who visit your company web pages. Also, when people read the web pages posts in your company website they also get attracted to your company and give a try to your products and services. So, indirectly web pages are the key to profitable marketing.

Mobile device use has been on the rise ever since Apple released the first smartphone and mobile devices have become such a regular part of everyday life that we all expect to see people looking at their phones every time we leave the house.

We have seen a great deal of Web Developers and fashioners are currently working into a versatile first methodology. This strategy is essentially utilized for generally and exceedingly available advanced mobile phones. Anyway this methodology has more to offer as far as the procedure.

Is it a must, to do a mobile-first approach?

The answer will always be depending on the type of website and how it is being used. In mobile, you are more of seeing the content than that much of the visual design and graphics. However, content is not just the text and information.

There are several approaches to creating a mobile-friendly web presence. They are usually divided into three ‘types’, each of which provides a different experience for mobile users:

  • Responsive
  • Separate Mobile Site
  • RESS/Adaptive/Dynamic Serving

Having a mobile-friendly website isn’t just good practice — it’s a prerequisite. Responsive design ensures your site conforms to any screen size or device. No matter the size of the device used — smartphone or tablet — you have a website that is similar to and consistent with the desktop version.