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Ways Of Increasing Search Engine Visibility

If you are new to SEO and the website is not getting much traffic, then this blog is a good place to start. Coming to the first page of Google can be difficult for many competitive industries, and many searches are now dominated by Google Ads and Local results, so you can make initial headway by taking care of a few basic tips.

Modifying the Search Visibility and Traffic
There are many things you can do on the website to increase your search engine visibility, and if you are in a competitive market, you must do a whole lot of things. Almost all the established competitors have hired experienced search engine experts to get their sites to rank higher than yours and new competitors are also coming day by day and making sure to get on the first page.

Making The Attractive Title Tags
Titles are the words that appear on the title bar of the browser window, but not on the page itself. Here are some tips for improving the title tags.

* Use words that viewers use in search engines. Use unique titles for each page of the website. Don’t forget each page on the website is a chance to be found by the search engines, so always create a unique title and a descriptive one for each page.

* Support Title Tag with Headers and Copy. A page with a title will not get a hit without a supporting header and a copy. It is possible to over-optimize a post or a page, putting in keyword phrases and variations of that phrase is important in the key part of the post. Always put keywords in header tags. The header tags are marked up from H1 to H6 tags, but most of the SEOs only use three tags H1, H2, and H3. Headers and subheads should be bigger and bolder than the regular copy.

* Putting Keywords in the opening paragraph. The opening paragraph of the webpage must support the keyword strategy. It helps and makes it easy to work for some keywords on the page. The incoming links are essential for SEO, but you can also help Google in finding and understanding some important pages on the website by linking to them from other pages of the website and using relevant keywords in the link.

* Getting More Incoming Links. Search engines look for the quality of incoming links. Thus, it is important to give priority to those links. There are many ways to get more incoming links, here are some methods:

– Making guest blog at other blogs. Look for blogs that will target your ideal customers and it is better to write for them. Although you won’t be paid, you will get at least one or maybe more links back to your site and key pages.

– Get on podcasts. This is also a similar type of approach, but it takes less time, a good blog post may take hours to write, but a podcast takes less than an hour, and sometimes a few minutes. Make a podcast in question publishes, create a new web page for every episode, and then link it back.

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