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Tools & Tips To Make Your Business Go Digital

Looking to make your small business go digital? There have been so many changes in technology that affects not just the type of work we do, but how we do it. Whether you are a web developer or you run a business, it’s hard not to notice the new tools that make us more efficient, more connected, and hopefully more profitable in running even small businesses.

Here are some tools that can help:

Google Drive
Many years ago, in an average office, the manager would print up the production calendar every week, staple it, and hand it out to teams, and around the table, to make notes, and make the document before the meeting was over. Now, just pull up the Google spreadsheet on the conference room computer and just make the changes in real-time.

It’s nice to have free software that allows you to text, have group chats, and even do video calls without having to leave the desk. It is time-saving, to get instant answers without sending emails and looking for possible answers.

GoToWebinar/Glance/Google Hangouts
The use of GoToWebinar is to repurpose the in-person presentations as webinars and reach out to a wider audience. By giving free webinars, businesses are able to build their email lists quickly and cost-effectively.

The Glance is used for desktop sharing to train clients remotely. Once you have built the client’s website in WordPress, you train them in how to manage their site. When an in-person meeting isn’t an option, the Glance is a great alternative.

Google Hangouts is a fantastic application for group video conferencing. Businesses have started using Google Hangouts and immediately they started to see the benefits. It allows holding group video conferences for free, something that you have to pay for with Skype. The quality of the video is better than on Skype. As Google Hangouts integrates well with Google Drive and handles screen sharing without any issues. You can even stream your Hangout live so that more people can watch, directly from YouTube.

Voice Over Internet Protocol phone systems is much more reliable and professional. Businesses use a VoIP system to allow them to remotely forward phone calls, send recorded voicemails over email, and most importantly, set up a conference call without hanging up on anyone.

The technology that allows running the small business better just keeps on changing. While it is important to keep abreast of changes, hence it is equally important to not let technology become a barrier to getting the work done.

Digital tools are becoming more integral part of our workday. It can save us time, and money, and make us more efficient and even profitable. Just we need to make sure that the technology you are using to connect with your customers is effective, otherwise, you are throwing up unnecessary hurdles in bringing up your business.

Look around you at the digital tools are you using throughout the workday. For more details on How to make your business go digital. Call us today and book an appointment.