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Tips for Printing Logo on Anything?

The logo is the recognization of a brand. When you print a logo on a physical object, you can reach people at all levels than if they see it online. And there is no better way of advertisement for your brand than someone wearing clothing with a logo on it — especially if it looks amazing!

we will look at some logo printing practices and what you need to know about how to get top-notch results.

Logotypes and the variations for print
Before you send a logo to the printer, there are a few things to be taken care of, Which include the version of the logo that is the best for the product you want to print.

You will usually have the full version of your logos such as wordmark and Slogan or Symbol if you have one), plus a symbol version of your logo that’s better suited in case of small spaces.

An imprint area can be defined as the exact spot on an item where you can print a logo. Your design needs to be exactly fit and should look good in that space.
A mug looks better with the smaller symbol of your logo so that it does not become warped on curved surfaces. A notepad will be a prime canvas for a full logo due to its larger and flatter surface.

You must consider the color and texture of the object. For example, a colorful plastic water bottle will look better with a black or white logo instead of a single color version.

Print a transparent version of the logo. A logo with a white or colored background won’t look as good as one with no background at all.

Printing the logo on stationery.
Apart from business cards, you can also print the logo on all sorts of stationery items, from posters to envelopes.

The most used item is probably the letterhead on the paper which is used to print letters and documents. Letterheads will include your logo and your company’s complete information. Also consider printing the logo on envelopes, presentation folders, notebooks, Keycards, pins, and could be more.

Printing the logo on clothing
The most common clothing piece to print the logo are T-shirts, hats, polo shirts, socks, and hoodies.

When printing the logo on clothing, make sure to do a test run for checking the colors. Printed logos look great on the top-left area of polo shirts and T-shirts, the size should be at least one inch should not be larger than two inches.

When printing the logo on packaging, make sure the logo is easy to see and recognizable. If the packaging design includes more elements apart from your logo such as a pattern in the background, make sure these patterns don’t overpower the logo.

Whether it’s a sign, a label, or a T-shirt, take the time to look for the correct placement, size, and color so that you will be happy after looking at the final result.

So are you ready to make a logo design print-worthy?