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Tips For Building A Branded Search Strategy

If people are searching your brand online directly confirms that your brand campaign is on the right track. People are familiar with your brand. Here are some tips to maximize the potential of branded search

When users include your business or brand name in the search engine query it is called branded search. These search terms, which people use for this purpose are known as branded keywords.

  • Branding
    It is defined as one part where the branded search is meant to be integrated with the SEO strategy. It is designed to improve the overall presence over the web, from search to shopping and online marketplace listing.
  • Paid Search
    The branded keywords considering paid search or pay-per-click marketing (PPC) are the same as the organic keywords, which include those mentioning your products, representatives, and services.

But creating a brand search campaign call for bidding and then owning it. In other words, you can have relevant ads displayed above your organic search results when the target audience searches for your branded keyword. This strategy allows you to improve the click-throughs and generate conversions.

Effectively Executing a Branded Search Strategy

  • Conducting An Search Audit
    Whether you have done this Auditing task before or have an SEO agency that does it for you, it is crucial that you conduct it deeply. Look out for the ratio of the branded vs non-branded keyword. Go to your Google Search Console account and pull out the last quarter’s performance report.

Tools for branded search audit

  • Reinforcing The Keyword Research
    After the site audit and analysis, it is time to perform the keyword research. This task should help you in regulating the most feasible branded keywords for the SEO content strategy or SEO marketing strategy.

Always create rich content based on the brand name search findings, such as product trials and pricing. Instead of making the branded keywords vs non branded keywords contrast, just see how you can deploy both the keyword types into the same pieces having the relevant content.

SEO experts recommend the following keyword research tool: Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc.

  • Monitor The Brand Mentions
    Suppose you are new to SEO marketing and you don’t have much Search Console data. Or maybe your last SEO agency didn’t provide branded search services. But you have been in business for many years and gathered the brand sentiment across various digital platforms. It will be a good option for you because there are other ways to monitor brand mentions.

Social media platforms are one of the most visited places to find your brand mentions, especially the popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you have done little digital PR or link building, you also have a portfolio of branded anchor text and even links from blogs, news sites, and newsletters.

For including branded search optimization we go deep. We tend to develop a brand-specific strategy for our different clients to ensure your brand value and revenue keep on increasing and promising branded keywords.