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ND Ecommerce Web Design Company

In today’s world of technology, your website is your identity. It is the first and foremost interaction that you can do with your customers.  Moreover, this pandemic has widely changed the scenario. Traditional ways of doing business are outdated. People are more digitally equipped, thus even a smaller company has its website so that his/ her company can grow by leaps and bounds virtually throughout the world.

So, what are you looking for?

What is stopping you from having your website when it is your present and future. Websites have a huge impact on your business line. The way the world is getting digitalized no one will remain untouched from it. Thus hurry up and go for your own website so as to shine and rise.

Ecommerce Web Designing Company, North Dakota provides all kinds of solutions related to web designing. Nothing is difficult for us and no project is too big for us. You just provide us with your idea and we are here to turn it into reality. We have a team of professional web designers. Also, we work with all kinds of platforms and code whether it is HTML 5 website or PHP. We have a wide experience with word press as well.

Why you should choose Ecommerce Web Designing Company, North Dakota?

Different businesses have different needs which depend on their business model, sales volume, and a multitude of factors.

1)  Shopify: Through Shopify, it is easy to launch a new store, and also it is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. Shopify is also the best option for SMB e-commerce merchants.

2)  Shopify Plus: In case customers need to create a customized and responsive check out experience than Shopify plus is the best option as it has more advanced features. The prices depend upon volume, customization, technology, and design. Though it is a bit expensive it is a great choice for enterprise business.

3)  Big Commerce: Big companies like Toyota and Natori use Big Commerce but it provides a full-fledged option with a wide variety of built-in features and customizations options. It has features like advanced security, payment and payment fulfillment partnerships, etc.

4)  Magento: Magento is tailored for enterprise-level e-commerce businesses. As an open-which requires programming and developer resources so as to create a higher barrier to entry than plug-and-play platforms like Shopify.Magento offers a wide variety of features for enterprise sellers, like offering discounts, support recurring payments, unlimited product listings, and many more.Magento can be a great choice but is not advisable for small or midsize businesses with smaller product catalogs.

5) Woo -Commerce: WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin. It allows e-commerce enterprises to convert their WordPress sites into online stores.

WooCommerce has its own secure payment processor and shopping cart. This platform can be a great option for smaller brands

6)  Square Space: Squarespace is known for its sleek drag-and-drop templates thus making it easy to build beautiful websites. It also offers many tools and features needed to build an e-commerce store. While Squarespace is popular among artists with smaller product catalogs but it offers unlimited product listings, including multiple variants and SKUs.It also supports recurring payments and subscriptions.

7)  Wix: Wix is one of the most basic e-commerce platforms and is good for brand new online stores. With 72 free themes and a super simple setup, it offers enough features for small sellers to get started. Its online store hosting is one of the most affordable e-commerce platforms.

8)  Big Cartel: It is an e-commerce platform tailored for the artists who sell their work. It has the option to add promos and discounts to certain items. You can use its customized themes or code your own design using Big Cartel. As it has limited features it is a good choice for creative merchants with a smaller product catalog.

9)  Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Earlier it was known as Demandware, a Salesforce-based e-commerce platform tailored to B2C retailers. It integrates with a range of other CRM and marketing services thus making it a great choice for enterprise-level businesses. Other features include order management, AI and personalization, also globalization options for international businesses. It can handle high volumes of traffic and sales, But with a high price tag and complex technological requirements.

10) Volusion:Volusion is a smaller e-commerce platform aimed at newer e-commerce sellers. Volusion offers a variety of pricing tiers, thus making it cheaper for smaller merchants. It gives a wide variety of free themes and in-site blogging capabilities.