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Logo Design: Tips for Building Great Logos

A logo can be defined as a graphic mark, symbol, or emblem, which is used to describe a company’s products, brand, or services.

Logos play an essential role in a company’s brand identity. They are everywhere we look, from the world of websites and social media to the physical world of grocery stores and caps, and mugs. 

The logo is the single most important piece of a company’s marketing and communication strategy. Logos are placed on everything from brochures and business cards to vehicles and even buildings. A logo not only helps consumers differentiate between brands, but most importantly holds all of the brand’s trust, quality, and reputation of the company.

All those famous and great logos share the Below characteristics.

  • Simple

When designing a logo, simplicity should be there and it shouldn’t be complex. Fabulous and famous logos tend to be simple logos. The simplicity of a logo allows people to instantly recognize and easy to memorize. 

  • Versatile

In the modern world, the company’s logo should be versatile. The logo needs to adapt to a wide variety of uses and situations and should be visually consistent. A good logo should be flexible enough for use in mediums such as print, environmental and digital. The sports brand logos is a perfect example of versatility. It translates well in small as well as large formats, in a variety of colors, and in a variety of applications.

  • Unique

A great logo must have a unique design that makes it different, and something that distinguishes it. A great logo not only helps to differentiate a company but also from its competitors. For example, the Tesla logo uses shape, color, and imagery in a playful, and unique way to help them stand out from the crowd. 

  • Countenance 

Great logos should be timeless and not confined by the changing trends. No logo will last forever but our goal as designers is to design the logos in such a way that is enduring, and that supports the brand over time as it evolves. Designed in the year 1977, the Apple logo has changed very little over the last years and the brand continues to grow while the logo endures.

  • Representative

A great logo should represent and embody the brand’s core values in the company’s vision and the attributes of the product and services they deliver. Concepts such as innovation, strength, technology, quality, technology, and collaboration are some examples of attributes that can be visually represented in a company’s logo.

So, how many companies could you name just by looking at the logos alone, about all of them we can say. Even if you don’t shop at the brand store or you don’t have a Twitter account, the chances are that you can identify the brands instantly and this is the power of a great logo. 

While your business might not be famous for global recognition like the brands above, these five characteristics are universal in their importance, whether you are a small business or a big corporation. 

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