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Instagram Statistics And Why Businesses Should Look at It

Instagram has come a long way from a photo-sharing tool to a social media platform. Currently, it is now a powerful marketing tool that is used by Instagram advertising experts, influencers, and even by big brands to widen their reach and generate new audiences.

Using Instagram for business marketing will bring your business a step closer to greater visibility, helps in increasing website traffic, and helps in improving sales. One must keep in mind that, you can’t simply start sharing random posts or Instagram Stories and expect outstanding results. One must need a well-thought social media marketing strategy to rise above the competition and get the most out of the social media channel.

Start using Instagram for business and get success the smarter way below are some stats to guide you better:

Users spend almost an hour on the platform every day. According to various data collecting sources, Instagram users spend near about 50 minutes every day on the platform. This is almost the same amount of time people spend on Facebook, which averages around an hour per day. Any Instagram advertising agency can tell this promising figure if you are second-guessing Instagram’s position with Facebook.

People open Instagram at least once a day. As per the sources data, the Instagram stats, six out of 10 people on Instagram open the app at least once a day, while others check multiple times in the same day. This tells how highly engaged users are, and this is an opportunity worth pursuing Instagram for business. An experienced and known Instagram advertising company can help you to capture the audience by consistently sharing high-quality posts and ads.

Instagram will soon generate interactions much higher than Facebook. The study in 2018 showed that celebrities accumulate a median of around 400+ million weekly interactions on Instagram, and the media and brands generated around 200 million and 190 million respectively. This is more than 4 times the overall interactions that are generated on Facebook.

It drives the purchase intent. Below is the data shared by Instagram itself:

• Almost 6 in 10 users became more interested in a brand or product after seeing their ads in Instagram Stories.
• Half of the users then visited the brand website to purchase a product or service after seeing it in Instagram Stories.

These Instagram data prove that using the platform to advertise the product helps you to influence your audience’s purchase decisions. As long as you create properly targeted and catchy Instagram ads with the help of your experienced Instagram advertising company, it is not that difficult to grow the customer base for your business.

It is an outstanding B2B platform. As per another insight 2020 report, around 36 percent of business-to-business (B2B) decision-makers use Instagram to discover new products and small attractive businesses. This shows that B2B businesses can also reach interested prospects with the help of Instagram marketing services.

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