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Google Page Experience Now on Desktop! All You Need To Know

The update for the Google page experience for desktop web pages and desktop search is now completed. According to the company, the ranking launch is based on the same Google ranking signals rolled out and is excepted to be mobile-friendly.

Meaning more than the Google Core Web Vitals, the latest Google search algorithm includes all the aspects of website user experience, which include how the users will interact with a web page and how it will meet their expectations.

Google first announced its plan to roll out the desktop version of the page experience in the 4th Quarter of 2021. Now that the Google page experience update for desktop is completely launched, Let’s see how it affects the current Google ranking position and the organic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Our technical SEO Team analyzes the impact of the latest Google search algorithm update to guide the desktop optimization efforts. Let’s learn everything you need to know about the New Google page experience update desktop version.

What is New About the Google Page Experience Desktop Algorithm Update:

Google always aims to improve its user’s experience. With the New Google page experience update for desktop, website owners and the specialists tackling the technical SEO services need to focus more on providing the best possible website user experience and to increase their desktop search visibility and bring up their Google ranking position.

How Does the Page Experience on Desktop Version Differ from the Mobile Version?

The Google page experience update for desktop search results includes all of the Google ranking signals in the mobile search. However, the mobile-friendly signal continues to be a mobile ranking factor, Hence it won’t be a factor for desktop.

Desktop Page Experience Signals

Over time, Google has released many Google search updates that contribute to the goal of providing the best possible results for any given search query. The desktop page experience update is one of the many Google search updates that is completely based on your website user experience.

How To Improve The User-Based Experience on Desktop

The desktop page experience update does not bring serious changes, SEO experts advise optimizing the website user experience. Page experience is one of the most crucial Google search updates that rank your websites on search results. If you are not able to improve the user experience then it will affect your site’s crawlability and indexability and that may result in ranking fluctuations.

So, here are some tips to improve your page experience score and will surely bring a positive website user experience results:

*Always monitor and evaluate your website’s page experience metrics, such as page load time by using tools like PageSpeed Insights, GSC, and Lighthouse.

*Use the CrUX dashboard for getting the feedback from users, about their website experience.

*Prioritize on fixing the issues that result in poor performance scores.

*Reach out to trusted web design and SEO experts to get the best technical SEO services and ensure your optimization efforts are always on track.

Looking for improving your website user experience? Schedule an appointment with us and your website will attain amazing scores on the Google page experience test.