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Email Marketing Trends for 2022

Email marketing has been around for years. But it has become one of the most effective ways of marketing in recent times. If you are not using email marketing for your brand, you are missing out on a huge opportunity!

Many businesses struggle with email marketing because of the complexities such as data mining, data analysis, email marketing strategies, and more. 

But the good news in 2022 for email marketers is that they do not have to struggle with different aspects of marketing because Artificial Intelligence(AI) has now stepped in to simplify email marketing!

Going ahead in 2022, you will need to use automation offered by AI and your creativity for better conversion rates!

Let’s look at how AI can simplify email marketing?

  • AI can quickly sift through gazillions of data points and predict how your email campaign will fare. Not only can it predict but it can also tweak your campaign for better results.


You can leverage AI for 


  • Writing subject lines
  • Sending personalized emails
  • Adjusting email lists
  • Optimizing send times


  • One of the vital aspects of email marketing is segmentation. And, as customers’ expectations grow for a more personalized experience, marketers need to deep-dive into micro-segmentation. Micro-segmentation is beyond segmenting the subscribers according to geographical location. It involves segmenting the audience based on specifics such as buyer behavior and how they use your site and products/services. AI simplifies this process by collecting and analyzing data about your audience. It also updates these lists accurately automatically. AI also maintains the accuracy of your segmented lists by updating your data as it gathers more data.



  • Personalized emails increase customer engagement. Personalizing emails implies creating subject lines according to the needs of your audience. It also means sending personalized offers, promotions, and content to your subscribers. This may look like a lot of work! But not if you use AI! Artificial Intelligence collects all the available data about your customers and their buying habits. It analyzes all data and provides data-based recommendations for content that can get a higher click-through rate.


So, this is what AI can do for you! Besides this, there are other aspects of email marketing where you need to focus and make it more effective!


Here’s what you need to do:


Responsive Emails

The number of smartphone users is increasing by the minute. And, if you want to reach a wider audience, you will need to optimize email marketing for mobile devices. Responsive email marketing strategies wink help your audience look at their emails on the go.

User-generated Content for Emails

User-generated content is written or video content where other customers endorse your products. This type of content is highly effective in converting audiences because they are more likely to trust others using their products. You can use customer reviews or pictures of customers using your products, etc. for a higher conversion rate.

Type of Content

Interactive content is more engaging. Some examples of interactive content are using sliders, embedding videos, or including games in the emails.

Email marketing strategized need to be tweaked according to the latest trends to engage the audience. Professional email marketers can take care of all aspects of email marketing and offer a better experience to users. JWV Development has a team of experienced email marketers who can create the best strategies for your brand.