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Digital PR. A Need for an Hour?

Digital PR can be defined as the practice of enhancing a brand’s reputation and its online presence by tapping online solutions such as online reputation management, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing as well as social media.

Digital Marketing Vs PR
Marketing and public relations in the digital world have a few points in common as they leverage the same channel and implement similar tactics, and both increase brand sales and awareness.

The goal of marketing strategy is to drive sales. It requires you to look for the best audience to sell to and then employ the strategy to get them to convert. On the other hand, the aim of a digital public relation strategy is to create a positive image for the company. PR influences public opinion by crafting positive messages around the brand and helps in dealing with crises promptly.

Ways you can mix marketing and public relations together include:

PR and SEO
Digital PR campaigns run online, so they should be shaped keeping SEO in mind to earn higher visibility and great results. Similarly, the SEO efforts should work with the publicity efforts in order to boost the performance of the website in search engines.

PR and CM (Content Marketing)
Digital public relations and content marketing are easy to interlink as they strive to do similar things. Telling inspiring stories and reaching the right people. While both deliver great results, together they can be beyond amazing.

Other ways to make PR and content work together are:

• Engage in guest blogging to build thought leadership in this industry.
• Successfully publish a digital press release to showcase the company on a bigger platform.
• Repurpose your existing content on different platforms to help drive your online visibility.

PR and Social Media
A lot of work that public relations and social media specialists do intersects so that both team efforts are in sync. For example, a social media team can amplify the message of the digital press release which is recently secured by the PR team by sharing it on social media channels.

PR and PPC (Pay-Per-Click Marketing)
Gaining online PR placement is a big win in itself. To get more out of this, make sure to get enough visibility. This is where pay-per-click (PPC) complements your PR efforts.

PR and Lead Generation
How PR helps in generating leads and acquiring new customers?

It Widens The Reach
Getting PR placements or partnering with influencers helps you to tap the same audience leading publications as well as well-known personalities already have.

It Boosts Website Traffic
Digital PR articles are like billboards that point people to where you are exactly. Since these articles bear links to your website, hence they easily direct audiences who want to learn more about your site. This quickly increases website visitors as well as organic traffic.

Improve The Search Engine Ranking
Receiving mentions or links to the website from high-authority sites positively impacts technical SEO. This improves the domain authority and helps to push up the rankings for the target keywords.

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