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Content Writing Tips & Tricks for 2021!

Content writing is the mainstay of all digital marketing strategies. And, with the world going online, content has a crucial role to play in the future.

A common mistake that most copywriters make is that they get habituated to a particular style of writing and do not adapt to the needs of the market. However, this resistance to change can prove to be a costly mistake in the highly competitive digital marketplace.

Here are a few tips for content writers on how they can create content in 2021:

  • Keyword Research

    Many businesses focus on aspects such as the quality of content or the relevance of the information shared in the content, etc. While these are important factors for attracting and engaging the audience, keyword research is a vital factor that cannot be neglected.

    Optimizing content with trending keywords is a MUST. There are several tools for finding the right keywords. Alternatively, you can take the help of digital marketers to get the relevant keywords.

  • Leverage the Power of Title Tags

    Title Tag or the Headline of your content is what will make heads turn towards your content. The title tag is not just for attracting the audience but also for search engines because search engines understand what a page is about based on its title.

  • You can optimize your Title tag by:

    • Keep your title within 50 characters.
    • Data reveals that titles that include numbers have higher click rates. So try to use numbers wherever possible.
    • Using brackets in titles has also been found to be effective in increasing the click-through rate.
  • Even Meta Description Needs Optimization

    The prescribed character limit for meta descriptions is 150-160 characters. However, long metas get truncated on mobiles. Therefore, it is better to write meta descriptions that are 120-130 characters long.

    Meta descriptions need to be optimized with keywords.

  • Optimize the Header Tag

    Header tags are sub-topics within the main article. Header tags are important because they give a clear idea to the reader what the content is about in a cursory glance.

    To optimize your header tags, make sure that you use keywords in at least one header tag. Also, try to keep your header tags precise, ideally up to 6 words.

  • Main Body of Content

    When you start writing your content, you need to bear in mind that people do not like to read anything complicated or time-consuming. So, make sure that you use short sentences instead of long ones.

    Make sure that you do not stuff keywords or use them excessively. Keywords should be integrated into the natural flow of the content. Not as something that sticks out!

The length of content usually depends on the niche and the topic. However, it has been found that blogs, etc. that have a word length of 1500 words or more have better engagement.

Bullet points and usage of bold and italics in the body of the content draws the attention of search engines towards your content besides impressing your audience.

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