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7 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022 you Must Watch out For!

In 2022 social media is expected to play a vital role in driving customers! If you have not yet started taking social media marketing seriously, it is time to do so now!

The number of social media users is expected to reach 3.96 billion in 2022. (https://www.oberlo.in/statistics/how-many-people-use-social-media). And, this number is consistently rising. If you want to interact with your audience, social media platforms are the place! There are different platforms for different types of businesses. So, identify the best channels for your brand and set up campaigns to connect with your audience.

While strategizing social media campaigns pay due attention to the trends for social media marketing in 2022!

Here’s a quick overview of the social media marketing trends for 2022:

  1. Growth of the Creator Community

During the lockdown, the creator community has experienced a surge. It is currently worth $100 million and is growing. Creator tools like Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn are some of the popular ones currently. You can leverage these tools to connect easily with your audience. Creator tools also facilitate collaboration with brands.


  1. Video Content

One of the chief takeaways from the past year is the rising popularity of video content on social media especially live Facebook and Instagram videos. Other than live videos, explainer videos have also gained popularity. Make sure to use videos in your social media campaigns.

The past year has shown that video content has enabled brands and creators to leverage video content to connect with their audience at a deeper level. Brands have also used video content to spotlight products/services.


  1. Memes will be Popular

Memes are one of the most effective ways of connecting with the audience. In 2022 we are likely to see more brands using memes to reach a wide audience. So, get ready to join the bandwagon with some interesting memes.


  1. Social Media Advertising Budgets

Data reveals that social media ad spending helps build lasting relationships with the audience. They also help increase online sales of products/services.


  1. Get Influencers for your Brand

Influencer marketing has become effective in leading to conversions. Make sure that you get influencers to promote your brand to a niche audience.


  1. Leverage Shopping Feature on Social Media 

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok offer the feature of in-app shopping. You can promote your products/services through your social pages to reach a wider audience. Promote your products through ads to increase your reach.


  1. LinkedInfluencer

One of the emerging social media trends for 2022 is LinkedInfluencer. As the work-from-home model became popular last year, people realized the importance of creating their personal brand in addition to their professional one. LinkedIn is a platform that helps create visibility and thought leadership. It is one of the most effective platforms for personal branding.

These are some of the trends for 2022 that you must consider while planning your social media strategy in the coming year. Outsourcing social media marketing to a professional company helps you create successful campaigns for your brand. JWV Development has an experienced team of social media marketers who can create customized social media campaigns for your brand.