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6 Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing!

Technology is advancing at a break-neck pace! And, it is impacting all aspects of our lives! While the pandemic created distances between people in more ways than one, technology helped people connect!

Whether it was virtual meetings, online shopping, social networking, etc., all these helped people across the globe connect and function seamlessly. As research introduces innovative technologies, our lifestyles are bound to change!

Digital marketing has emerged as one of the most sought-after marketing methods in a digital marketplace. And, new technologies are making their footprints in this field. 

Let’s quickly delve into the emerging technologies in marketing:

  1. Progressive Web Apps(PWA)

Progressive web apps are progressing at a fast pace in the online world. They are becoming extremely popular among users despite the convenience offered by responsive websites and apps. 

  1. Virtual Reality(VR)

In the current scenario, customers are unable to visit brick-and-mortar stores. In the online marketing space, VR offers simulated environments where the user can have a 3D experience and interaction that is very close to the real world.

  1. Artificial Intelligence(AI)

To offer a personalized shopping experience to customers, marketers need to collect and analyze data that provides insights about their preferences, user behavior, demographics, and more. Artificial Intelligence has already made a foray into the world of data science. AI will make it easier for marketers to track user behavior and gather insights. This will enable digital marketers to offer customized shopping experiences to buyers.

  1. Video Content

Content is the backbone of all digital marketing strategies. Although written content in the form of blogs etc., will hold its ground, marketers will need to look at video content to reach a bigger audience.

  1. Chatbots

Today’s buyers want a customized experience. And this is where chatbots have a role to play. Chatbots help marketers by offering 24/7 support to buyers and add a personal touch to marketing.

  1. Voice Searches

In the changing world, marketers need to ensure that they provide access to their website through voice search as well! The changing customer needs indicate that web visitors are shifting towards voice commands instead of scrolling through websites for searching information on the web.

Conversational Marketing

Marketers will need to spend some time listening to the needs of the users and responding to them instead of just talking about their brands. A conversational approach to marketing where there is a conversation between the seller and the buyer will help bridge the gap and offer a customized experience.

These are some of the technologies that are bound to impact marketing strategies in the future. In all the above mentioned technologies, and their use, one common factor that stands out is the “customized approach!” Future marketing success will depend on the extent of personalization offered by the brand.

In addition to personalization, speed and visibility are other aspects that will impact the marketing strategies.

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