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5 SEO Trends for 2022 you Must Know

Brands now realize the importance of search engine optimization(SEO) for their business. But Google’s algorithms for ranking the website are not constant. They keep changing and you need to stay updated with the latest trends to ensure that your website ranks high in searches.

Google updates are a vital factor for content creation as this will determine its ranking on the site.

Let’s look at some SEO trends for 2022, that digital marketers need to be aware of:


  1. Quality Content

We have all heard that Google ranks quality highest. But what is the meaning of quality content? 

Content creators need to use the “EAT” concept to create quality content. 

What is “EAT?”

EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. In other words, Google will rank content if it reflects these factors. 

Quality content can be created by developing a buyer persona and creating content customized to the needs of the buyer. The content must be well-researched and must answer any questions that the web visitor has regarding the product or service. It is recommended that you include facts and figures from reputed sites. Including links to authentic websites goes a long way in fulfilling the EAT criteria for your content.



  1. Rankbrain will Become an Important Ranking Factor 


Rankbrain is Google’s AI-based ranking algorithm. It has been around for some time. But it is expected in 2022 it will become an important ranking factor. According to experts, user-user-experience is one of the critical factors for ranking content on SERPs. Hence, the click-through rate and time spent on the website will determine its ranking.

The content created must be customized to the user’s needs and must engage. It is also necessary to keep refreshing the website with new content so that users keep visiting the site.


  1. Long-form Content


In 2022, it is expected that long-form content of 3000 words or more will rank higher than shorter versions. Long-from content attracts more traffic and engages users. Hence, it will improve the ranking of your website. The challenge is creating long-form content that retains the interest of the audience. Create more scannable content. 


  1. Mobile-first


Creating mobile-friendly content is not a choice but a must. This is because of the increasing number of smartphone users across the globe. Google gives credence to the mobile version of the website compared to its desktop version.

Format your content such that it is easy to read on mobile. Include sub-headings, bullets, etc. in your content. Avoid huge chunks of content because they seem intimidating to readers. Check the effectiveness of your mobile website and resolve any issues it may have.



  1. Video Content


An increase in number of TikTok and YouTube videos is evidence of the growing popularity of video content.  Make sure that you include video content on your website. Optimize videos with relevant keywords in the description.


These are some of the trends you need to consider while planning your SEO strategy in 2022. Hire the best digital marketing services from JWV Development to improve the ranking of your website.