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5 SEO Trends for 2021 that can Boost your Ranking!

We are all aware of the significance of search engine optimization(SEO) in the digital arena. SEO is a dynamic field that is constantly changing. These changes are sometimes because of the updates in Google algorithms and many times because of the changes in the behavior of the audience. Many changes are prompted by advancements in technology as well.

Therefore, digital marketers need to take care of all these aspects to develop an SEO strategy for a brand. SEO experts cannot afford to keep repeating the strategies they have been following in the past. They need to adapt to the fast-paced changes in the field to keep the brand they are marketing in the fray.

Here are some trends for search engine optimization in 2021:

  • Artificial Intelligence will play a Dominant Role:

    Google introduced its AI-based algorithm RankBrain a few years ago. RankBrain has a vital role in ranking content on Google. The factor that sets RankBrain apart from other Google Algorithms is that this tool has the ability to learn. And, this ability of RankBrain is expected to improve with time and play a dominant role in ranking.

  • Mobile First:

    Mobile-first indexing was introduced by Google in 2019. According to this, search engines will consider the mobile version of the website as the primary version instead of the desktop version. The reason for this is the exponential increase in the number of mobile users in the past few years. Therefore, you will need to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

  • Content Changes:

    Quality content is something Google has insisted on for years. The quality of content is assessed based on the “EAT” criteria. EAT is an acronym for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. If the content satisfies these criteria it will rank higher on searches.

    Also, content with a word length of 3000+ words attracts more traffic and is shared more than the shorter versions. However, the content must maintain quality throughout its entire length.

    Featuring snippets in your content will help boost its ranking.

  • Video Content:

    Video content has become popular in current times. An effective SEO strategy must include video content to boost rankings.

  • Voice Searches:

    With Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa becoming highly popular among users, voice searches are the next thing expected while looking for content on Google. Hence, optimizing the content for voice searches is important.

The keywords used for voice searches will be different from those used in normal searches. When people type in the keywords, they tend to use abbreviated forms of the keywords. However, in voice searches, the keywords will be longer phrases that are used in conversations.

These are some of the SEO trends that digital marketers need to consider while planning an SEO strategy.

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