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5 SEO Tools for Paid Marketing

Search engine optimization(SEO) is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to get your brand in front of your audience.

What is SEO?

Simply put, SEO is optimizing your web content with the right keywords so that your website ranks high on search engines and attracts traffic.

Two main types of SEO practices are Organic SEO and Paid SEO. As the names suggest, organic SEO practices do not require any investment of money. They use tried and tested strategies to increase website traffic. On the other hand, paid SEO strategies to use paid tools to optimize the website and attract visitors.

As the digital arena gets more and more crowded, digital marketers are opting for paid tools to help them stand out from the crowd. These tools make the SEO efforts more focused and effective making it easier for the brand to compete.

These tools enable data mining, keyword tracking, and research handling. These have a great impact on the research, planning, and strategizing content.

Here’s a list of 5 most popular tools digital marketers use:

  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider:

    This tool is ideal for auditing the website regularly. It is a web crawling tool that scans web pages for errors.

    It detects errors like:

    1. Broken links
    2. Redirect chains
    3. Duplicate content
    4. Improper length of meta descriptions or titles
  • Ahrefs:

    This is a popular tool used by content marketers, content writers, and SEO strategists. This is because this tool offers a host of features that simplify the analysis of SEO data.

    Ahrefs includes:

    Site explorer which helps monitor search traffic data and backlink profile for any website.

    Keyword explorer that provides insights on key aspects of the website like search volume, keyword difficulty, clicks, etc. Besides it also helps research keywords.

    Rank tracker facilitates tracking Google rankings of the website. The rank tracker also helps you compare the performance of your website with that of your competitors.

    You can also check the overall SEO health of your website with the site audit feature of Ahrefs.

  • SEMrush:

    This tool provides plenty of insights and information about the site at your fingertips. The data provided by this tool can prove to be a game-changer if used smartly.

    Using SEMrush, you can easily keep track of backlinks, organic traffic, and keyword rankings.

    Competitor analysis is easier using SEMrush as this tool provides all the competitor data.

    You can save a search in lists and reports are sent to you via email.

    SEMrush also facilitates overall site audit.

  • MozPro:

    It is an ideal tool for people starting their journey in SEO because it offers a wide range of user-friendly tools and the support of a large community group.

    It covers several aspects of site management like keywords, links, site audits, rank tracking, and on-page optimization.

  • Mangools KWFinder:

    As the name indicates this tool is meant for finding the right keywords. It is easy to use because of its simple design. This tool is a perfect solution if the only purpose behind finding a tool is only keyword research.

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