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5 eCommerce Design Mistakes you Should Avoid

If you own an eCommerce website, you know how important it is to build the site proficiently. The more user-friendly your site becomes, the more customers will navigate your eCommerce page. 

But, for that, you need to design a website that works smoothly and in a more efficient way. The page needs to work fast and conveniently so that potential customers comfortably visit your website. If you want to achieve such a result, you need to avoid some common mistakes. 

Mistakes to ignore while designing an eCommerce website

Yes, building a shopping portal is no difficult task if you can avoid some usual mistakes. While designing such sites, you need to remember that your target audience can be anyone. So, keeping the site practical is the foremost thing you need to follow. Also, the site developer needs to avoid five general mistakes while designing the eCommerce. 

  • Not getting an idea of a well-suited color combination

It can sound a little confusing, but having an idea of appropriate colors can help your eCommerce site run better. The knowledge of the color wheel assists you in building an engaging website that attracts traffic. 

You have probably seen thousands of eCommerce websites that use loud colors. But, let us tell you, grandeur is a common mistake many site developers make. So, try to keep the colors soothing and sober. 

  • No one will wait for minutes till your site loads.

In the era of fast technology, you can lose your target audience due to the slow loading of eCommerce sites. So, if your page takes more than a minute to load, your potential customers can press the back button and land on other fast shopping websites. Optimizing graphics can help you resolve the issue. 

  • Internet users do not like to get tricked.

For instance, a person clicks on a link on your website that leads the individual to nowhere. In that case, the person will not think twice before pressing the back button. Broken links can be an obstacle for your eCommerce website from getting maximum traffic.

  • A complicated check out process

If the user needs to complete 4-5 steps before checking out, the individual will never visit the site ever after. So, design a user-friendly site that guides the customer to a straightforward checkout procedure. Also, make sure the website does not ask for unnecessary personal information. It can raise trust issues. 

  • No offering of several payment methods

It is a common mistake many popular eCommerce websites make. The site owner needs to understand that limiting payment methods can reduce their potential sales. Also, it does not cost you much to offer cash on delivery or debit cards as payment procedures. So, why restrict your site from getting more traffic? 

End Thought

As an online shopping site owner, you do not want to lose any of your target audiences. But, a slow and complex website can make that happen. So, design your page in a straightforward format that can guide the users to their coveted products. 

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